Willunga Recreation Park is a multi-purpose complex maintained for the use of the residents of Willunga. It is owned by the Willunga community and it is managed by the Willunga Recreation Park Incorporated (WRPI) Executive Committee on behalf of the community. The committee consists of volunteers elected from the community. Check the About Us page for further committee details. 

Willunga Recreation Park consists of the land and facilities bordered by Aldinga Road (south), Main Road (east), Railway Terrace (west), and Willunga Primary School (north). The facilities include, the Show Hall, Festival Hall, oval, tennis and netball courts, Quarry Market area, Sports and Social Clubrooms, the CFS Buildings and the Old Police Station. In addition, WRPI has purchased the property no.11 Main Road.

The facilities are available for hire by groups and individuals and further details and terms and conditions are available on the events page.

Willunga Recreation Park is the “home” of the many sporting clubs, markets, service and social organisations based in the township of Willunga. Click here to visit our Clubs page for further details and contacts for these organisations.

Willunga Recreation Park is about to be upgraded. As a result of a strategic plan undertaken in 2014 WRPI’s facilities are to undergo a major redevelopment the first since the Festival Hall was built in 1979. An architectural firm has developed plans for the upgrade in line with the community’s and users needs for Willunga Recreation Park. The plans have been finalised, costed and an initial building schedule identified.

The plan is to undertake the redevelopment in 3 stages over the next few years, as and when funding is available, and in line with our users requirements for the facilities.

We are now seeking funding for the upgrade. This will consist of a mixture of government grants, donations and fundraising. Click here for further details of our plans and how you can help us.

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